Elevate Your Product Taste, Scent and Quality With S&S Foods Flavouring

Malaysia’s Premium Food Flavouring Supplier and Company

Premium Flavour Supplier

S&S Foods is a flavour house in Malaysia that provides mid to premium range food flavouring. We work closely with manufacturers to bring you exceptional flavouring solutions that will elevate your product’s taste and quality.

With tight quality control from our manufacturer, our flavours are of superior quality, resulting in the consistency of the output of the product’s taste or scent.

The continuous improvement of our manufacturers, which aims to simulate the real taste, enables our customers to develop products that were previously unimaginable. 

In order to ensure a constant supply to customers, we work closely with our manufacturers to avoid any interruption that could potentially disrupt production.

In addition, we also keep inventory for fast delivery to our customers.

On top of that, we have a low MOQ to cater to the different needs of various businesses, supporting our customers by minimizing the cost of new ventures.

Our Unique Flavours

We have different flavour supplies available with a wide spectrum of notes.

With 16 years of experience, our greatest strength lies in developing a variety of sweet flavours.

From traditional to exotic, we have more than 2,000 types of fruity flavours because we have the technical know-how to make virtually any flavour you can imagine.

We are proud to draw on our real-world flavour expertise to deliver precisely what you need, especially fruit and milk flavours.

We not only offer a wide range of sweet flavours but also the expertise required to use them with confidence and success.

What Our Clients Say About Our Flavouring

“I ordered Pear and Orange flavors, it’s very nice taste in our cordial juice. I tried also Passion fruit and it taste natural.”

Fiza, Cordial Manufacturer

“Mango is great but not on its own. Hamimelon is perfect!! Yakult is perfect too as it is much concentrated, a smaller dose will do. Lemon is good to mix taste about like the Orange Hacks.”

J, Vape Juice Brewer

“The Whisky flavor is very nice! Personally I very likely this flavour is very match in cake or dessert. Especially in very match in chocolate flavour.”

Melvin, Dessert Pastries

S&S Foods has provided us fast response and very supportive when we develop products for our customers. Samples requested reach us in a short time, this fastens our projects lead time and production.

Pharmaceutical OEM Manufacturer - Ms Jelene

We used to order our flavors from  well known companies, but its difficult when we need to fulfil their MOQ for every flavor. S&S Foods caters to us with small quantity orders, this helps to save our storage and cost.

Latex Products Manufacturer, Ms Lily

We are a small scale company, it’s hard to get support of Raw materials from suppliers when our quantity is low. S&S Foods has been very responsive and supportive when we request samples and low MOQ. 

F&B OEM Manufacturer, Mr Ng

I received an order to deliver within a week, S&S Foods has given me samples on the day I request, and delivered my order in 3 days time.

Whey Powder Manufacturer, Mr Chen

We have been dealing with S&S Foods for years, their product quality and lead time are consistent. We received FOC flavors too when we run new projects.

Powder Beverage Manufacturer - MS Cho

We used their encapsulated flavor on our product. S&S Foods delivers goods on time, they are also very supportive of our requests.

Pharmaceutical Products Manufacturer, Cik Aqilah

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