Food Flavours

S&S Foods offers a diverse range of flavour applications for various industries.

These industries include food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, rubber products, confectionary, pet food manufacturers, cosmetic manufacturers, health supplement manufacturers, vape juice and shisha manufacturers, and so on.

F&B Manufacturing

We offer a wide range of flavour notes for high-quality products in the categories of chocolate, beverages, juices, snacks, ice creams, and paste to food and beverage manufacturers.


S&S Foods offers flavours to the pharmaceutical industry that are suitable for medicine.

Rubber Products

We provide flavours for rubber products like condoms and toys to mask and balance the rubber scent.


We provide a wide range of flavour notes for confectionary products, including fruity, dairy, nut, bean, tea, sweet notes, and much more.

Pet Food Manufacturer

S&S Foods supplies the pet food manufacturer to elevate the pet’s food quality.

Cosmetic Manufacturer

With a wide selection of flavour tones, we also serve cosmetics manufacturers.

Health Supplement Manufacturer

S&S Foods provides flavours to the pharmaceutical sector that are appropriate for products like protein drinks, vitamin supplements, and others.

Vape Juice & Shisha Manufacturer

S&S Foods also offers a wide selection of flavours for the shisha and vape juice industries.

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